This is your brain on – giving!

This is your brain on – giving!

I recently had the amazing opportunity to learn from Russell James, a professor at Texas Tech University – about research on the brain, and on giving. He actually has done research with people in MRI machines who react to various words used in asking for or describing charitable gifts – with a specific focus on planned gifts.

Professor James had a wonderful history – professional financial advisory, attorney, college president, planned giving officer to name a few. 

I love the fact that he encourages us to use “heart words” rather than “head words” to describe the gift options, and encourage giving.

Go to his website and download his free slidedecks. You will be amazed. If you just want the recommendations, skip to the back of the shows, where he offers practical use of the brain mapping.

Professor James, J.D., Ph.D, CFP, lectures often. If you have a chance to learn from him, i would not hesitate.

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